DMP Disclosures

Thank you for considering BALANCE as your financial empowerment partner! If part of your journey towards becoming financially empowered includes participation in a debt management plan, we’d like you to know BALANCE adheres to all regulatory compliance requirements as set forth by various governing agencies. In fact, some of these governing bodies require we publish certain licensing disclosures on our website. Please see below for a complete list of required disclosures:

Registration Number 247-0015

Registration Number 1400000054-215913
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco d/b/a BALANCE
Principle Officers: Rico C. Delgadillo, President & CEO; Darrell Christoff, CIO; Thomas Layman, Chairman; Brad Houle, Treasurer; Melyssa Barrett, Secretary

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco d/b/a BALANCE is NOT A LOAN COMPANY. WE DO NOT LEND MONEY.

The establishment of a debt management plan may adversely affect your credit rating or credit score. Using a debt management plan may make it harder for you to obtain credit.

Fees may apply for debt management plans. We are a nonprofit organization supported by fees, grants, and creditor fairshare contributions.

Nonpayment of debt may lead creditors to increase finance and other charges or undertake collection activity, including litigation. We are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice.

BALANCE does not guarantee specific outcomes. Outcomes are dependent on a number of variables outside of BALANCE’s control (i.e.; individual behaviors/decisions; independent underwriting processes used by lenders with regard to granting/denying credit).

BALANCE does not administer debt management plans in any state not listed above. If you are a resident of a non-listed state and think you may be interested in a debt management plan as part of your financial empowerment journey, we encourage you to contact us at (800) 777-7526. As your financial partner, we will help you determine whether or not a debt management plan is right for you and will walk you through getting started on one with a licensed provider in your resident state.