Pathways to Homeownership

Pathways to Homeownership is a comprehensive online education program designed for first-time homebuyers to fully understand the process and obligations of becoming a homeowner. To complete the program, clients must pass a quiz on each of the six learning modules, which provide information on the personal financial essentials of home-buying and homeownership. After completing the modules, clients can prepare a personal budget plan to organize their income, expenses and debts. Pathways to Homeownership meets the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling.

Please review the instructions below and then press Proceed to Pathways to Homeownership. You will need to create a separate account to access this program.

  • From the Referred by pull-down menu, select BALANCE.
  • From the Confirm your selection pull-down menu, likewise select BALANCE.
  • In the Financial Institution field, enter the name of the institution that referred you to BALANCE.
  • In the Source Code field, enter 1234.

Proceed to Pathways to Homeownership